Ideateka creates and makes up your site following your needs, your company philosophy, your activity sector, your market, your customers … All our creations are unique and exclusive!

Ideateka registers your domain name, while you are its exclusive owner, advises you in the choice of the extension of the domain name (.com / .net / .org / .be).

Ideateka offers you the possibility to host your site on its server as well as the best adapted maintenance of your website, including updates.

Ideateka proposes a glossary, composed of a key-words list to be defined according to your company, your activity and your target.

In order to create your web-site following our methodology, we need:

- A presentation of your company, activity, market and customers and especially your needs.
- Documents relating to your company and activity: brochures, catalogues, publicity material...

We then decide together the contents of your web-site, according to your communication purposes.

After acceptation of our quotation, we propose a preliminary lay-out of your site and proceed with its creation.

The web-site is then created technically and its lay-out can be finalized. The next step is the “diffusion”, which consists of the choice of the domain name ( or .be or .org or .net), to make it public, the hosting (to put it on Internet) and finally reference in the search engines/Internet directory (for example : Yahoo, Google, Hotbot, Lycos, Altavista, Msn search...)

As from then, your site is ready to be consulted to by thousands of visitors all over the world.

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